Thursday, January 28, 2010

Apple Strudel, Hamburger Buns, and More!

The Healthy Bread in Five Group's next task was to make the 100% Whole Wheat Loaf and some variations. This was the very first recipe I made from the book when I got it in November, so I wanted to focus on the variations for this round. Knowing that my Pain de Mie pan uses 3/4 of a batch of dough, I planned on making the full recipe, but would make more hamburger buns to keep on hand in the freezer. I love "Everything Bagel" topping on hamburger buns to accompany a nice bowl of Black Bean Chili!
I was really impressed with the Apple Strudel Bread - knowing how hearty this loaf is, I didn't expect it to be like an Apple Strudel pastry. I used gala apples, raisins, and crystallized ginger chips. I would have liked to use nuts, but I was taking it into work and there are some serious nut allergies at my school. Even without the nuts, this was a great loaf! I loved the crunch of the demerara sugar on top. While I was chopping the apples, I only used two apples for the loaf, as it seemed like a lot of fruit to fill a pan. I loved the rise of the bread and didn't have any "wet spots" to contend with. No picture of the beautiful inside of this loaf - it was devoured at work!

Since I had also made the Hamburger Buns before, I wanted to try some new toppings. I used the "Everything Bagel" topping from King Arthur to great success.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

HBinFive - Master Recipe

Over the holidays I tried to be ahead of the game - after all, the recipe isn't due until the 15th of January! However, between visits and holiday get togethers, I didn't get all three recipes completed - I only got the baguette and epi finished. I definitely will be trying the crackers at a later date, but time slipped away and it just never got done for this post! I enjoyed making the baguette, and enjoyed it with my lunch for a few days. My epi looked more like a bear claw, not so much a stalk of wheat, but it tasted great nonetheless! Instead of using white whole wheat, I used King Arthur Whole Wheat, and we enjoyed the taste - it wasn't too overpowering!